Braces (Orthodontics)


Yet another example of how DiPalma Dental is a full-service dental practice, we provide Orthodontic Straightening services, such as braces. Dr. DiPalma offers leading edge technology with Invisalign® braces, ClearCorrect® clear braces, and 6-month Smile Enhancement braces.

Besides teeth straightening, braces are also frequently used to position teeth properly for new ceramic crowns to enhance your smile. They can also be used as part of a treatment plan for Implants.


At the completion of the active phase of your orthodontic treatment, the braces will be removed and you will wear removable appliances called retainers. To retain means “to hold”. Your teeth must be retained or held in their new positions while the tissues, meaning the bone, elastic membranes around the roots, the gums, tongue and lips have adapted themselves to the new tooth positions. Teeth can move if they are not retained. You will wear retainers during the day and while sleeping for 6 months. Retainer wear will gradually be decreased after that. The schedule Dr. DiPalma puts you on with your retainers is to prevent tooth movement & is tailored to best meet your needs.

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